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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Welcome to my European Dream

This is my third blog on Blogger and I'm happy to say it's on my favorite subject- Europe.

For me European Union is one of the most beautiful dreams human-kind had. It's a Union based on mutual profit and will for better World.
I know the people from older EU countries or outside Europe may fail to find the beauty of the idea, but let me explain to you. Bulgaria joined EU on 01.01.2007. I lived in the time before and I live now. To say things in Bulgaria changed dramatically is simply not truth. And I don't expect it to happen quickly and furiously. But entering the EU after all those years of isolation and ignorance brings tears to my eyes. Because I traveled in Europe before and after and I can see the difference.
Two years ago, I went to a concert in Italy. In a crowded with gypsies bus. Waiting for hours on every boundary. Waited 8 hours on probably Slovenia-Croatia boundary, because one jerk said we're not passing in his shift. So we waited for the next one to continue going home. I've seen the attitude of all kind of officials. Like we're just piece of trash polluting their territory. Checking your passport and trowing it away like...well, like garbage.
And now, you just hand them your id card and you're in. No one cares even to look in your face. Yeah, some still despise us, but the over-all behavior is of respect.
Because now we're all citizen of something bigger than our national and self egos. Now, we're bigger than the hatred accumulated trough out the centuries. Bigger than our little selves. Big enough, to accept the others for the sake of peace and comfort and profit.
No other Union tried to make people together by just one vision. Like an empire, but without the slaves and the guns. The empire of shared dreams.

I know things are never that pink, but I think it's important to believe in our dreams and to put all our creative energy to make them truth. I believe in the European Union for what it is- a place where free people can move freely, talk freely and enjoy their time without the pain of historical defeats and humiliations. Living and loving together.

Because I believe so sincerely, but I'm not that dumb to be blind, here I'm gonna post everything new and important that's happening in our sweet and still somewhat calamitous union. It's hard to create something good and yet working for the mutual and individual benefit. And not forcing anyone do anything. Especially in a continent where people had so many wars.
So, here, I'm gonna make sure this is the case.

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