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Friday, November 16, 2007

Europe and the Nature

EU environment ministers have acknowledged the dramatic increase in
water scarcity and droughts in Europe and called on the Commission and
member states to step up their efforts to implement existing directives.(source)

A draft regulation currently being discussed within the Commission sets
out fees for the market authorisation of chemical substances by the
European Chemicals Agency, established as part of the REACH chemicals
regulation. (source)

Most member states have missed a deadline to issue pollution permits
for industrial installations as mandated by a 1996 directive. The
Commission, which is currently drafting a proposal to revise
the directive, may impose stricter rules and has warned that the
implementation delay could lead to infringement proceedings.

The 1996 Directive on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC)
introduces a permit system to prevent and limit pollution from
large-scale industrial installations. Sectors covered include
everything from metals, chemicals and paper to processed food, oil
refineries and large-scale pig and poultry farms.

The permits include precise emission limit values and are to
be issued by the competent authorities in the member states. When
drawing up the limits, the authorities are required to take into
account reference documents (BREFs) compiled on the basis of Best
Available Techniques (BATs), agreed upon at EU level.

Although the transposition of the IPPC directive into national law
was due in 1999, member states were given a transition period until
October 2007 to ensure that their existing industrial installations are
fully compliant. (source)

With less than eight months remaining before it must come up with a
universal model to make users of all transport modes pay for the
negative effects they inflict on society – including air pollution, CO2
emissions, accidents and congestion – the European Commission has
invited stakeholders to take part in the controversial debate.(source)

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