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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Your opinion counts

I started a new "campaign" on my blogs: "your opinion counts".
It's very straight-forward one. Blogs are supposed to be interactive, but people are not so eager to write comments, obviously. It's not just here, it's even on highly visited blogs, on a page visited by thousands of people, you see only 10 or even 50 comments. That's really few and this way we miss valuable interaction and fun from blogs.

That's why I'm making this page. Here, you can just drop by and write me a comment on what you find interesting in European politcs and future and I'll make my best to write a post dedicated to it or a comment at least. I'm very eager to make a dicussion on EU because public relations of the Union are one of its weakest links. So, let's do it together. Let's have a healthy argument on issues, let's see where that will take us.

The knowledge is power and I'm offering mine. Now, it's up to you to tell me what particular side of European politics and life interests you, so that I'll know where to direct my efforts for maximal benefit of us all.

P.S. You don't have to use some high-profile language, if you don't like it VERY much. Just say it in a simple way, I really respect the beauty of simplicity.


auris said...

Dear Denitsa,

Do you sit a EPSO exam in this year?
You have enormous interest about the european union.
Have you ever took an EPSO concours?

Thank in advance for your replay!

Denitsa said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by.

No, I haven't taken an EPSO exam. I love the EU, but I think I'm more interested in the ways it affects our everyday life, than in its administration.

And I'm a physicist, I wouldn't just change my job for something that I don't consider better and where I would do a better job :) But who knows, maybe one day I'll think about the issue more seriously.

I checked your blog-it's very interesting too. I'll follow it, because otherwise, I would never know all those details. Thank you.

sauermaische said...

The reason why there is so much apathy towards the EU elections is because people realise that the European parliament is just a democratic fig leaf in front of an organization that enhances the power of executive arms of national governments at the expense of their parliaments. Governments conspire with the Commissioners, which they nominate, to produce directives that the Council of Ministers (executive arm of national governments) approve and which are then presented to national parliaments as fait accompli, which they are obliged to turn into legislation.
Although most voters don't necessarily appreciate the process in so much detail, they perceive it as being "anti-democratic". This feeds the votes for UKIP and other rejectionist parties. Those who are pro-EU but eurosceptic have only recently got a party which is pro-EU and wishes to reform the system. This is Libertas EU, which wishes to make the EU democratic and accountable to the electorates of Europe.

Denitsa said...

Sorry, but I do not believe that Libertas offers any alternative for people who are pro-European. What it offers is a chance to express your anger without accomplishing anything.

As you very rightfully stated, the problem lies in the Council and the fact that it has way too big power. One of the benefits from the Lisbon Treaty would be the increased power of the European Parliament. And so far, I think the EP has done what it can to protect people's interests. But it cannot help you to fight your national politics. The Council is formed by people YOU elect directly in your country. If you're not happy with them, whose fault is this? Yours or Europe's?

And it's not like member-states have no choice with something they really don't like-see Austria and GM crops-nobody forced them into doing what they consider wrong.

And notice, the European Parliament has often pressured the Commission to rethink some of its ideas. The Parliament is the VOICE of Europe and people should do whatever they can to vote for the policy they believe to be important for Europe.

Last but not least-please, consider the funding of Libertas and whether those people are actually interested in strong and united Europe. And every European should be very interested in strong and united Europe, because even the UK or Germany or France cannot handle Russia or China on their own. Unity makes Strength!

Javier Solera said...

I think the reason of euroscepsis growth lies in three or four main reasons.

At first, the European Election system is obsolete: each nation choose national delegates, who defend national interests. Should we choose community delegates, on community parties, who defend community interests.
Now, the European Parlament is a local groups set, gropus who want to be on Europe for defend its own business, and not a European common project.
I think also the Comission have too many power, and the Council too, and the problem is that not, the problem is that there institutions are antidemocratic formed; not supported by elections

Is time for regenerate European institutions, that is opened to the popular influence by elections, and unified all around the Union, not divided by countries.

I like to find sites like the yours, that report on matters of the Union, and work for more cohesion and integration; even more now that euroscepsis are gaining power, at least on Spain.

Thank you very much for your efforts, I'll read you often.
¡Saludos desde España!

Denitsa said...

Hola, Javier!
Thank you so much about commenting and sharing your thoughts, it is so important for me!

One of the reasons why I'm doing this it to show people that the EU is not something abstract, that it's something that affects all of us. It's so sad to see how people simply won't vote on European elections, because they don't care. We all have to care, otherwise, other people will take care for us.

And European politics as complicated as it is, just as anything else, is made from small not-so-complicated parts we can all influence. But first we have to care.

But I'm not sure about global EU elections. It makes sense, in a well-connected Europe that the candidates should be common for all Europe, but let's face it-a Frenchman wouldn't vote for a Bulgarian or Slovenian candidate, no matter the party or how qualified s/he is. Not yet. A Spanish candidate can hardly relate with the problems of German citizens. Or imagine, German candidate defending the Spanish siesta, lol :)

We're living in so different countries, in different economical situation, with so different understanding of what is important in that moment. Of course, it's an illusion that the MPs go to the European Parliament to defend their national interests, but still because of their hm variety they manage to defend the interests of the citizens of Europe as a whole. Because when the MPs come from so different backgrounds, they unite only when it comes to important decisions. I find this quite cool. Cooperative behaviour is amazing universal power, too bad we can tap into it only in extreme situations.

I agree the Council and the Commission have too much power, but eventually with the Lisbon Treaty, that will be moderated. The coolest thing of the EU is that it's still in the making and we still can change it if we want to.

Поздрави от България :) (Pozdravi ot Bulgaria)

MakeCulture said...

Hello Denitsa,

I an a co-auther of a similar blog over at

My thoughts on the argument that the EU lacks "democratic legitimacy" is always that one has to put forth a certain criteria to compare this statement to. Comparing a political institution to some ideal in the sky is nice and has its place, but does not serve as a very useful argument for where power should lie at this particular time. Considering how many people are nationals of one Member State living in another(working, studying, etc) who have no representation in their territory they are living in, how much democratic legitimacy do many of the National governments have. Not to mention some of them being too weak to counter U.S. military pressure, as we saw with the Iraw War where a handful of governments defied the vast majorities of their peoples.

And as far as the EC and Council having too much power, there are also aspects of efficiency to think about. Would you rather have a delapidated, corrupt Federalist system like the U.S. where they can't even provide basic health services to their population?


Anonymous said...

You are not right. I can defend the position. Write to me in PM, we will talk.


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