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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Day of Europe!

Yup, can you believe I missed it? Well, not exactly missed it, but I was without net, so I didn't have a way to post a little greeting. Anyway!

Happy Day of Europe, Happy Den Pobeda(y)!

I personally don't differ those two great days, since the end of the World War 2 more or less put the beginning of United Europe. So, I don't mind celebrating them both. Note the color of the letters is a mixtures between the red of Russia and the blue of Europe, the symbolism is obvious.

I wish our pretty and lovely Europe to continue in the new century with even more fire and desire for peace and justice. I know that many people would argue that currently European legislation isn't completely fair or transparent, neither democratic (though, if you ask me, they are on of the most democratic in the world anyway), but in the end, that depends only on us. We're the one that create Europe, we're the one that destroy it. If you want justice, require it! Vote, get interested, get involved and never forget the past, so that it never repeats in the future!

Because I have the feeling that people are starting to forget. Sure, the Holocaust would never be forgotten, for various reason, but no matter how tragic and horrible, it is not the MORAL of WW2, but merely a very ugly side-effect. The moral, the reasons behind all the tragedies in Europe, was the sincere hatred that people felt for each another. They felt different, they thought that their neighbours are the enemy, they were convinced that they have something to fear. And hell, they had something to fear. The common paranoia and lust for land and conquest lead to a continent covered with BLOOD! To a continent of the thousands islands of horror. Every country defined itself not trough its achievements, but trough the hatred for their neighbours. I know this sounds distant for Europeans today, but I started experiencing this recently, so I can tell you-it is not distant, nor abstract.

The whole story started with the Bulgarian Music Idol and their idea to do the casting both home and in Macedonia, the dearest part of our past and the most painful part of our present. I'm not a person who feels hatred, but reading trough wikipedia and listening to some Macedonians officials, it's just hard not to feel extremely disappointed and angry(though sometimes they are amusing, I admit). As I said, Macedonia was really dear to Bulgarians, so it's very sad to see all that hatred emanating from them to us. I don't want anything from them, I think they should be free to do whatever they like as long as they don't harm anyone (or the truth).
(note, I would never call Macedonia- FYROM, because no matter what Greece thinks, Trakia and Makedonia are not Greek provinces, they are lands that were NEVER Greek (they were Byzantian at some point, but then, the same is true for the whole Balkans and Asian Turkey!)

So, now, I see the Macedonians singing so good at the Idol, being so great and nice and lovely. And I feel so much contradictions inside me. I never hated them, but I made my best not to love them. I almost convinced myself they are different from us, they are well...not the enemy, but definitely not our familly. I thought-they are immature, they are angry, they hate us-fine, I don't want anything from them, I don't care. I did it on purpose, because it was the only way to handle the situation! Imagine your brother hating you and threating you like enemy-would you spend your life crying or you'll just forget you have a brother?

But now, seeing them, so close and so far, it's so hard and so painful to see how much they are like us and how diffferent they are. How every joke should be very careful, in order not to show any obvious love which would make them hate us! It's a horrible feeling. And I'm telling you that not from some ridiculous nationalism-I don't want to even think about this, because it hurts too much. I'm telling you that, because I can see why people killed each other in the last century.

I can see the spirit of misunderstanding roaming our land. Because if you think about it-why do we hate each other? Why do we think that someone wants to steal our land or people (the Nazis, the Communists, the Jews, the aliens or even worst-the Global Imperialist)! Nations very rarely want to take someone else's land. In most cases, a minority of people manages to convince all the other, that someone hates them, someone threatens them and that they have to act and kill them, before being killed. But the truth is that the enemy doens't exist. The enemy isn't a nation. The enemy is a person, or few persons that manipulate everyone, because of their sick ambitions. Why the fuck would we hate Macedonians? Why the hell should we hate Serbians? Why did Frech people hated Germans and vice versa? Had the average Ivan, Alexander, Jean or Helga a reason, a real reason to fear or hate people s/he never met or who never harmed her/him? No. It was never individuals that led the wars. But it was the individuals that killed and were killed. And that is why I'm telling you all this! Because we're the same and the EU helped us see that we really are the SAME. Our lives are more or less the same, the grass is equally green or not green everywhere. We are not different. We are the same people, but born in different countries. Even genetically, the West Europe is almost identicals. Central is almost identical. East Europe isn't so identical, but then, we're identical in our sick minds. We are the same. The borders should exist only culturally. But not in our minds and not in our hearts. And now, with the crisis and some really sick nationalists getting into national and European Parliaments, the freedom and the understanding that the EU brought us is threatened. I beg you-don't be indifferent! Act! Get involved! Don't let the paranoia and the panic to destroy what WE built. Don't let our real enemies-the people who care only for their money and interests to ruin our lives, so that they can suck us easier. Because that's what's happening!

This is not a conspiracy, it's a common sense. The power is the worst drug. It doesn't kill you, but it makes you kill. It lets you justify everything, because it makes you blind and addicted. And we are the one that can stop that drug. We are the ones who would put limitations on power, so that it could never kill again. Please, vote. Please, get involved. Please, read what's going on in the EP and EC-who votes what and why. Trust me, they don't do it, because they(or the country they represent) are the enemy. They do it, because we let the enemy near them. Because we don't control them. Because we don't require transparency and justice. Because as long as we're happy, we don't care. And that's wrong, because when we stop being happy, it would be too late. Watch the news and think about it!

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