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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vote, people! European Elections, 2009

As the title suggests, this one would be dedicated to the European elections. I know that many of you are quite distrustful to the idea of electing members of the European Parliament, recently I even heard the question "why do we need the EP anyway", so I wanted to show you my perspective. Maybe that could provoke you to make the effort and vote. In the bottom you can find links to two VERY useful sites, to find out which party you should vote for, if you still don't know!

First of all, why the European Parliament is important. If you follow the blog, you'd know much about it already. The European Council consists more or less of your elected politicians . Ministers, prime-ministers and other general garbage. Oh, no, I don't want to offend anyone! But people are generally unhappy with their politicians, so I express the common attitude. The point is that if you're miserable with the politics your guys have at home, you're very unlikely to be happy with their positions in Europe. And let's be realistic-our guys don't have much power in the Council. In most cases, they do as the big guys say-France, Germany, Italy, sometimes UK, sometimes Spain, rule in the Council. I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing. Those are big members, big countries and big players. They deserve their places. But we have to understand that they are big players precisely because they know how to protect their national interests. And thus, we cannot expect them to simply swallow their prides and huge business interests and just make sure their not so big neighbours are happy also. And if we have to be honest, in most cases the little guys are ok with that situation. Because the same corporations pay to everyone. (note the European Commission is the more qualified and administrative version of the Council, but it's the Council that makes the big decisions). And here comes the European Parliament!

The European Parliament is a huge mess of people, parties, nationalities and histories. The truth is that it's too unpredictable to be bought. It's not impossible, of course, but it's not very practical. Because the difference between the members of the parliament even from the same party is so big, it's hard to know which one to buy. And what's even better-they are so different that they make decisions not so much based on ideology, or party's order or anything-they communicate on more instinctive level on which they are equal. And that instinctive level is what we usually call moral. Now, I'm not a huge fan of the moral as a common idea-they fill it with too much religious nonsense. For me, there is only one moral-the moral of life. This moral is very simple-do what is good for the life, for the people. Do what harms the least amount of people and eventually what benefits people to the maximum. I don't live in some alternative reality, I know people are generally naughty and not very smart or insightful, but I believe in the cooperative phenomenas. Like in physics, there are events that happen only on macroscopic level. They are not a function of the individual, but of the group. And in such case you can do a great good or great evil.

So, in the EP, instead of a group of elected primes of the various national mobs, you have a bunch of very different people, who are so far free. They are too much and too chaotic to be worthy the trouble. And this is the beauty of the idea. Each of both governing bodies can be VERY harmful alone. But together, they more or less annihilate each other. There is a balance. Not total, but partial balance. Sometimes the EC wins, sometimes the EP. But there is some variety. There is a chance for the people to have a fair rulers. And I think this is worthy all of your efforts to vote.

Now on the parties themselves. One thing you have to know is that you're not voting for your local party. You are voting for its European equivalent. If your local socialists are idiots, but you are a socialist, you can still vote for them, because they will still represent the major party. If your democrats suck, but you are a democrat/from the right/ then you still should vote for your guys, because they won't have the chance to do much harm in the bigger European family.

The other thing you must know is that you're not voting for the European party-you're voting for your people. This is the key point. You HAVE to vote for the people. You choose the people! And you have to choose very carefully. Because while the party ideas (or faults) would melt in the bigger party, the personalities won't melt. They will continue to carry your message, to tell it, to protect it. There is so much freedom in the EP, if you vote for smart, intelligent and active people, no matter of the party, I'm sure they will do much more good for the whole Europe, than if you vote for your party no matter of the people. I repeat-European parties, local people!

Last but not least, I want to address a common misconception. Your MPs are not in the EP to protect your national interests. They are there to work for the whole Europe! They are there to help the Europeans to live a better life. And so far, they do it quite well! If you follow my posts, you'll know that in most cases, the EP manages to stop or moderate the most idiotic decisions of the EC. Not always but in many cases. Which is a point for the citizens. For the average citizen, who wants to live a peaceful and abundant life. I hope I don't disappoint you with what I say. But you have to know it. The EC cares for your national interests. You politics can take care of that. In the EP there are so many people-it's absurdly hard to protect any national interests. It simply cannot be done. No matter how many MPs your country have-they are never enough to protect your national interest against the one of all other countries. So don't become seduced by the fancy slogans how a party will help your country in any way. It's simply not possible. What is possible is that they protect all the Europeans, because only then they will have the support of their fellow MPs. Only general issues can be solve in the European Parliament. And precisely because of this, you have to vote not for nationalists, but for intelligent and passionate people who will want to work for the whole Europe.

Let's repeat the principles:
  1. when you vote, vote for the European party which the national party belongs to
  2. when you vote, choose personalities-choose smart, intelligent and active people. Ideology doesn't matter, choose professional qualities.
  3. when you vote, vote for the well-being of the whole Europe, not for your own country
So, please, choose carefully.

Now, I'm going to offer you few sites when you can find information for the election and the parties. - answer few questions and find out which party you have to vote for-you can see the local parties that fit your results and the local parties from the whole Europe.

Parties in the EP - check the table where you can find the major parties, their programs and the local(national) parties that belong to them.

I wish you a good hunt. As for me, I'll vote left, even though I'm also disappointed by our local pigs. But I'm a socialist, even if quite a moderate one and in some cases even I go to the right. But as for Europe I think there must be more socialists in it. And more Greens, but I have ideological differences with them on Nuclear Energy, so :) I hope I was useful for you, I wrote this post with a lot of passion. Too bad Berbatov didn't score, but I guess that's what sport is.

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