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Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy day of the Cyrillic alphabet!

Happy 24th May!
This is going to be very short post, because I'm kind of busy celebrating :)

In Bulgaria, we celebrate the Bulgarian Education and Culture and Slavonic Literature Day.  Or more accurately, the Bulgarian day of the Science, Education, Culture and the Slavonic Literature Day. The name speaks of itself. The reason why I post this here is because the Cyrillic is the third official alphabet in the EU and even more, St. Cyrill and Methodius and more particularly St. Cyrill is the reason that every nation has the right to read the Bible on their own language. This is AMAZING achievement and I personally think, this is the best thing Bulgaria gave to the world. St. Cyrill basically convinced the Pope that every nation is equal in the face of God. I think it's obvious how important this is even now. Centuries later, people in various countries fought to be accepted as equal to others in the society. St. Cyrill did it 1100 years ago!
I wish you all best and I hope the Light reach you all.

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