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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Woah, mission accomplished!

You remember the anti-GMO petition I so urged you to sign?! The goal was to reach 1 000 000 signatures, so that it can be presented to the EC. Well, we made it! Today I just checked to see how the petition is going and hey, we had 1 000 000 people! Avaaz rock! Seriously, they are the best in gathering signatures, I only hope they manage to present the petition the best way they can and that soon, we'll finally see results. So if you haven't signed yet, please do. It's worthy.
I didn't plan this to be my first post after the vacation, but as we know, life is what happens while we're busy making plans. And anyway, this is one of the greatest way to start a new season. Though it can be always better (or worst). And we badly need this action. Recently I read about new GM potato types made by BASF that are yet to be approved and still they found them contaminating Swiss potatoes. Monsanto explained that it's normal to have such contamination. Well, it's not, actually. An unapproved products is not supposed to be in any contact with market released one! What would happen if cosmetic companies allow such contamination - that could harm or even kill so many people. No, this is not normal!
Not to mention the potatoes we in Bulgaria eat, which for some unknown reason to me, need hours to boil. You cannot convince me those are not GM potatoes, normal potatoes just don't do that. I remember a soup we made that took something like 2 or 3 hours to get done. It's unbelievable, but it happened.
So, good news on this front. Let's hope this is just the happy beginning. But if not, we'll continue to fight, because that's left for us. Fight for our right to live the life we want, not the one they want to sell us.

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