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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Who's saving who in Europe, 2012

I haven't published for quite a while now. I'm still to prepare the post I wanted to start with, but today I've found something quite interesting.
Clicking on the link above will open a very nice explanation of who's saving who with the European stability mechanism and so on. Because, like any other thinking European citizen, I also grew tired and very annoyed by the endless talking about the hard-working Germans and the lazy Greeks. I mean, it's amazing that in the times when all the information is available with a click of the mouse (or tapping on the tablet), people are still quite ignorant about the true cause of the crisis.
And the ugly truth is that it's not Greek fault (not entirely at least). The Greek were also victims, just like any of us. Not that I'm such fan of Greece, but we must be honest. It could be (almost) anyone of us. In fact, it is not over - the situation is still very very unstable.
And the worst is that instead of trying to stimulate the economics, some countries bet on conservative budgets, cutting money from where it shouldn't be cut. For example, Sarkozy is offering absurd taxes for the rich (could it be fare to lose 75% of your income, just because you earn over 1 000 000?!) or of online ads (how do you prove this income originated in France  unless you don't use the statistics gathered by the same company you're taxing). In Spain, the social services are going under heavier and heavier strain (severe cuts in the money for health care and education). Both of those examples simply won't lead to more money in the budget, especially in the short and medium term - the ultra-high taxes for the rich will only scare them away and they will pay their taxes in fiscal paradises. As for the cuts in the health care and education and the idea to be able to fire people collectively ignoring their contracts - I don't see how mass-firing people in Spain can lead to savings in the budget - all those people will take their unemployment insurance payments directly from the state's budget. For at least 6 months! So they won't work and they will get payed. How is this good for the economy? And those are just two examples.
What about the increasingly xenophobic rhetoric in the whole West Europe? Again Sarkozy said he wants to decrease the number of the immigrants. But let's face it! The Magreb immigrants are in France because they can. Because it was French politics to make them happy, so that they can use (and abuse) their home-countries resources. So blaming on the immigrants is merely ridiculous - it was France who invited them on the first place. But of course, when Sarkozy speaks of immigrants, it's not directed on the African immigrants. They are not foreigners, they are "dark-skinned, francophone cousins". By immigrants, he means, East and Central Europeans. True, we belong to the same civilization, have the same culture and similar religious habits, but we're the foreigners. We are the bad people who steal French people their salary. Something that is profoundly incorrect, since the real money drain for France are exactly the "cousins" from Magreb. But if he directs his anger to them, that will be politically incorrect. And then it will be very difficult for France to make solar plants in Algeria, or to count on oil/gas from Africa or to keep the influence in the region they are so happy with. So, Eastern Europeans are much more easy and safe target.
Anyway, Sarkozy may be absolutely unimportant considering the elections in France. We can leave him aside for now. My point is that Europe and its people need a serious reality check. They've been manipulated and this time, it's not some conspiracy theory, it's a fact. Read for example this very recent news: Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs . It's written by a resigning executive director of Goldman Sachs. A very disillusioned one! But I cannot feel compassion to him. Because it was exactly Goldman Sachs who put Greece on its knees. And although I have serious problem with the Greek's version of ancient history, I can't stand the way they indebted it to the point of no return and then even dared to ask that it goes in a default, just to get the insurance for the investment.  Indebting every citizen of a European country, ruining the lives of thousands if not millions, just for the profit. And that guy claim he didn't know? I can't believe it. So I have no sympathy for him.
And note - both Mario Monti and Mario Draghi are Goldman Sachs ex-executives. So obviously, this investment bank deserves its nick-name the Vampire Squid. Because it has entangled the whole world and it won't let go.
So, don't be fooled. The real enemy are not your neighbors or the other member-states. The money that the EU gives them to save them from a default go actually directly to European banks who hold their national debts, thus keeping the banks away from a default or from negative credit ratings  which will mean higher credit rates for everyone.
The real enemy are precisely those banks. Structures, which are much bigger than their own good. Entities who use our money, when in need, but who do not return this favor when we are in need (and in fact which evade taxes in every possible and more or less legal way). And this is not a conspiracy, it's a mere consequence of the globalisation. Nowadays, governments do not regulate the market, it's banks who regulate the market and the governments. And ultimately they regulate our lives. They have the power to ruing a country or to make it prosper, by dictating its politics, but they do not get elected by us! And we cannot hold them responsible, no matter how wrong they are. In the end, when they do something very stupid, it's once again OUR money who will save them, in the form of government subsidy.
Is this free market? No. It is not. It's the reign of the investment banks, financial trusts and so on parasites. This situation must be changed. Because live thrives on variety, it needs its degrees of freedom. It doesn't matter who is abusing the power, be it banks, governments or corporations, there must be balance. And it is exactly this balance worth fighting for.
Have a nice evening!

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