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Monday, May 12, 2014

Ukraine - the hypocrisy of the West

I tried to avoid commenting the situation in Ukraine, because I didn't want to be any part of the media war (not to say the propaganda war) that is perverting any call for common sense or empathy into pure lies. But the situation is simply not abating and I just need to speak out.

Ukraine is in a state of civil war. This is the closest true description of what it is going on there. People vs. people, people vs. the army, people vs. foreign mercenaries, truth vs. propaganda. In the end, people vs. a very well equipped destruction machine. Or should I say "democracy" machine.
Why I'm posting this in this blog? Because the EU played a crucial war in setting this region on fire and continues to play it very well. The EU not only betrayed its values when dealing with the Maidan crisis, it continues to betray them every day since then, knowingly participating in the propaganda war of the media, to which it contributes on daily basis with false, useless and honestly absurd statements.
A friend of mine who lives in Germany asked me in FB "But what's going on there, I simply cannot understand anything from the politically correct statements on the TV". True. And this is precisely the idea behind this behaviour - to deceive, to deform the values and the humanity crisis in Ukraine and to make them boring and casual. Just like the word "casualties". Which is very convenient for Ukraine, since officially, there is no war there, there are separatist groups attacked by the forces of the government and endless list of casualties. People who had the bad luck to get a bullet in their head. Or other type of fatal injury - after all, some people were burnt alive, other stabbed or strangled. There were some clubbed to death. There is variety. Just like in any war. Only, this war is not official, it doesn't exist in the reports of the Western media. It exists only on the ground, where very real people, very really suffer and/or die. Correction. Are being killed.
In short, what happened in Ukraine? The number of the victims already should have surpassed 200. Only in Odessa, 46 people were burnt alive. According to the official EU statement, those people burnt themselves alive (it was their own falt), while the people outside, seen on various videos in youtube, are peaceful protesters with flowers and kids on their shoulders. You can see one such video here: (note, the victims are inside the building). Make your own conclusions on the truthfulness of the official EU version. But Odessa is only one small part of the picture. Every day now, there are about 10 casualties per city, with at least one city where the army attacks on daily basis - Slavyansk. In other cities, it's not the army but mercenaries, the so called Right Front or National Guard who go around and shoot people on the streets. Literally. There are a number of videos, on which you can see how people are being shot dead in the middle of the day, on the street, in front of other people. It's so disturbing, you will first feel like you're watching a low-budget movie. But it's real and those people are really dead. Obviously, I'm lowering the death count, but it's because it's really difficult to have a realistic number, so I'm averaging to the lowest.
So, if there are tons of video evidences of the brutality of the Ukrainian army and the obvious failure of the government to deal with the situation in a non-lethal way, what is Europe doing? Requiring peaceful resolution? Working with both sides to help? Providing humanitarian aid to the people in East Ukraine, living already in battle-like conditions with food and medicament supplies scarce because of the siege by the army. No, nothing like that. Europe is doing NOTHING! Nothing to help. The only thing the EU officials actually do is repeat the US position on the issue and think of new, not very clever ways to force Russia to back down and let the Ukrainian army do what they want to do. I.e. to basically kill any group of people who happen to oppose the central government and want more authonomy.
I don't know if this is the EU you dreamed of, the one you voted for. For me, it certainly is not. The EU from 7 years ago had its own place and position in the world. And it didn't fear standing for them. Now, it's merely a gray reflection of the US politics. It no longer works for its citizens, it no longer respects human rights. The only thing it defends are corporate interests against the explicit demands of its citizens. And obviously, it is no longer working for world peace.  How is it possible that hundreds of Ukrainians, Europeans in any meaning of the word, to be killed, to be tortured, to be repressed in the 21st century and the only thing the EU would do for them is threaten Russia?! Is it the Russian army and mercenaries doing the killing? Obviously not. Whatever provocation there is, if there is, nothing can justify people being slaughtered. And Europe watching.

What actually happened in Ukraine? Well, whatever you think it happened, everything revolves around money. Ukraine is the largest European country, it has population of 43M people, and a GDP of $337 billions. That is a lot. And that's, with the billions $ stolen away by each corrupted government (because they all are) and the mafia. This is a lot of money, a lot of people and a lot of potential for earning. The EU doesn't want Ukraine inside the EU, as a member-state, because it would have to have the same voting power as France and Germany. And this will cause a significant and very dramatic change of the balance of power in the EP, EC and the councils of ministers.
From the other side, the EU needs Ukraine for its huge market and huge industry just waiting to be privatized. The EU is in crisis far beyond what's shown on the media and Ukraine was a tasty bite. But for bad luck for the EU, they decided to back off.  And even after the EU and US-backed "Maidan" government got into power, it didn't help. Because what both the EU and the USA obviously had ignored was the deep devision in Ukraine and the dormant Bandera-movement, which was just waiting for the right conditions to wake up and start slaughtering. And so they did. And what's worst for the EU, the richest and most industrialized part of Ukraine is Eastern Ukraine. Precisely the object of hatred for the Bandera idiots. Precisely where the fighting is.
Does this make the EU position clearer now? If it's not about money, it's about lots of money. And Ukraine has lots of money to offer. True, the GDP per person is quite low. But this is because this country has been stolen for more than 2 decades! Now the EU wanted to join the fun, but it kind of missed
one key piece of the puzzle - the Eastern Neighbour of Ukraine and well, the whole Europe. Russia.
Clearly, I am sincerely disappointed and disgusted by the actions of the EU and it's officials. Should Ukraine be in the EU? Sure. Ukraine is a European country, it belongs to the EU. And not only as associated member, but as full-member. But should they severe their ties with Russia, should they kill off all the "separatists" Russian speakers, should they delete their common past with Russia and deny the autonomy of the Russian-dominated regions? NO! Should they join NATO? No! You cannot force a county to change all that it is, to fit your neat world.
And what's more important, you cannot convince Russia that is ok to position your anti-Russia alliance right next to its borders. And because the EU officials were so stupid to think they can do that, we're on the verge of 3d world war. You don't believe it? Think again!Last week Russia made anti-nuclear strike drills, this week, the USA will do it. NATO has brought thousands of soldiers and machinery to the border of Russia. Russia has done the same. And note, if there is such war, it will happen on European territory, not on American. We will be the one to bear all the consequences.
So for me, the question we all need to ask is - who needs a new world war, with new millions of victims, millions of shattered lives, millions of destroyed homes. Who and why? And is it really clever way to go, today, when so many nations have nuclear weapons and such large-scale war may very well give them the reasons to use them. And most of all, why our elected and non-elected EU officials, support this position, why they work for war and not for peace and why they clearly don't care about the hundreds of dead Ukrainians, while  playing their stupid and pathetic Game of Thrones. And why aren't we on the streets, protesting against the violence of Ukraine! They are our brothers, human beings, why we allow this crime against humanity to happen. Why we allow it for Syria, why we allow it for Nigeria, why we allow it for Ukraine?
In the end, what kind of people we are, if things like this happen in our world and we don't care. And the answer is hypocrites. It's easy to think that it's the policians fault, but they are merely a mirror of our society and its values. If we don't require from them to work for peace, that means, we want war. And obviously, we're on our way to get what we want.

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